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Why did we start F.M.R.?

The idea was born out of a simple impulse. We want to leave this world a little better than we found it. So what can we do? That led to the decision to actually do what we do best - music - and use that to support those who are actively experts in helping the planet.

​Also, being artists ourselves, we’ve found that there are rarely good and fair possibilities to release music. There is more complexity in the music industry and more variety in the digital mediaspaces than ever before. While there are more opportunities, it can be immensely overwhelming for artists. We want to focus on something, that we feel like, has been neglected in the digital age of music: The music itself. There are many great artists and songs out there that haven’t seen the light of day because these songs are not made by social media stars, or the artists are stuck in a record deal and the music is held back by label politics. We want to change that. We want to be a fair, fast, flexible, efficient and reliable partner.

How much do you actually donate? Does music-streaming even pay anything?

People listen to an average of 52 songs a day on streaming platforms.

If only 10.000 would listen to FairMusic we could already donate more than $ 140.000 annually.

Of course those numbers are just estimates based on the latest IFPI report and our experiences. It's impossible to tell you exact numbers since the rates paid by streaming platforms vary over time.

How about transparency? You could tell me everything.

Yes, we want to be 100% transparent. That's why we're going to release our royalty statements including all the shares and donations on a monthly basis as soon as we're done with all the groundwork and we're up and running. Feel free to reach out at any time if you're having doubts or questions! We're also working on a Live-Ticker that shows how much money our listeners generated by listening to music.


Do I have to get a (new) subscription to listen to your music?

No. You can listen with your existing Spotify, AppleMusic or Deezer Subscription. Doesn’t matter if you’re using the free version or having a paid subscription.

If you’re not using any of these streaming platforms, you can listen to our playlists on YouTube as well. (coming soon)


Does it matter on which platform I listen?

We think that you as a listener shouldn’t have to care about it and use what you like. 

But if you want to know: Yes, there are differences in the royalties paid out by the providers. 

Why are there songs from other labels in your playlists?

Since we're still at the beginning, our catalogue is growing but there aren't enough songs to fully fill all playlists. And since our main goal at this point is to provide the best possible listening-experience in order to grow our playlists, we are using songs from other labels too. Sooner or later though, the playlists will be filled with Fair Music Records' songs only.

If you mainly want to support good purposes, please listen to our "Hot and New Releases" Playlist. 100% of the songs in there will support our partners that actively work on a better world.

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