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As the first record label with a social business concept, we are enabling people to easily support good causes just by listening to good music. We pay our artists fairly and collaborate with NGOs or other charitable projects.

This is how it works:

  • We give every person the chance to support good causes just by listening to good music within our playlists on common streaming platforms.

  • We are offering NGO’s (or charitable projects, o.s.) an easy way to monetize the value of their vast reach without any risk. Instead of always asking their supporters for donations they can offer music that creates donations automatically.

  • For Artists we're offering a fair artist-share as well as maximum simplicity & freedom when it comes to preserve the Artists' rights of their work and possibilities to monetize and spread their music and name. 

So stream our playlists while working, cooking, relaxing or whatever. Every stream generates donations.

You don't need to invest time or money to contribute to a better future.

Just listen to help.

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